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Friday, September 05, 2014

Army’s eyes in the sky built to spot people from 5 kilometers away

Military surveillance aircraft slated to be set aloft over suburban Baltimorethis year were originally designed to carry video cameras capable of distinguishing between humans and wheeled vehicles from a distance of at least five kilometers, according to documents the Army has newly released to a privacy group.

But the documents, dated from 2009, contain such heavy redactions that it is unclear how precise the resolution was supposed to be for the video systems on the blimp-like aircraft, nor is it clear how often video capabilities have been deployed on them in other locations. The Army's North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), which will oversee the surveillance system's three-year exercise in Maryland, said Thursday that it will not carry any video cameras during that time.



lmclain said...

Does the "Posse Comititus Act" come into play here???

Anonymous said...

Fools! They had one in the Florida Keys for years on Cudjoe Key trying to catch drug smugglers. It kept getting shot down or released. They finally got tired of replacing them and called it quits!

Rotsa ruck with this one! LOL!