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Friday, September 05, 2014

Endangered Dems push Iraq escalation

Members of President Obama’s cabinet and fellow Democrats continue to pressure the president to further escalate his already growing intervention in Iraq. While Obama in Estonia yesterday expressed a desire to reduce ISIS to a “manageable” problem, Vice President Joe Biden had harsher words for the group, saying, “They should know we will follow them to the gates of hell until they are brought to justice. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel reiterated Wednesday the threat from the Islamic State is “something we’ve never seen before.” The cycle has persisted since the White House initiated bombing raids and troop deployments in Iraq: milky language from the White house begets pushback from the Pentagon and hawkish Dems, which in turn begets tougher lines and increased intervention from Obama.

[Who started it? - Remember who started the public split on strategy? Mmhmm.]


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Anonymous said...

"Never let a good war go to waste..." The best way to control the population is to have a nice little war.