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Friday, September 05, 2014


MIAMI - Watchstanders at Coast Guard 7th district command center in Miami received a call from USNORTHCOM at 11 a.m. reporting that a Socata TBM 700 light business and utility single engine turbo prop aircraft departed Rochester, New York at 8:26 a.m. with three people aboard who are reportedly unresponsive. The plane was scheduled to arrive in Naples, Florida at noon.

A Coast Guard C-130 aircrew launched from Clearwater, Florida enroute to monitor. Two F-15 fighter jets under the direction of NORAD launched to investigate.

The plane is reportedly travelling at about 250 knots.

The Coast Guard continues to monitor the situation in close coordination with USNORTHCOM and the FAA. More information will be made available as it develops.

Breaking News: The unresponsive U.S. plane has crashed in Jamaica, officials say.


Anonymous said...

Something weird is going on over the eastern seaboard!Maybe somebody could shoot that ray gun ad AF-1 when it comes back from European Vacation!

Anonymous said...

External turbulence emanating from a yet unidentified source.

Anonymous said...

I read several articles recently about a gas emanating from the ocean floor that kills all surrounding marine life. It has to go up. Remember reading several years ago about a gas that would rise from the earth and settle in the early morning. When anyone would enter the area the concentrated gas would kill them as well those that would try to rescue those already dead.

Anonymous said...

536, Hydrogen sulfide from rotting biologics. Settles in low areas, as it is heavier than air.

Not found at 5-10,000 feet

Anonymous said...

The Bermuda Triangle , badge 714
Sgt. Friday on the way.