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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bongino Book Analyzes Law Enforcement Failures ‘Inside The Bubble’

Campaign biographies about political candidates are almost passé in this era of tweets and social media. But Dan Bongino’s new book “Life Inside the Bubble” actually has something interesting to say, besides revealing more personal details of the current candidate for Congress in the 6th District and last year’s nominee for U.S. Senate.

The final four chapters that are the most interesting are not about Bongino’s life with a single mom in Queens, N.Y., walking the beat as a NYPD cop, or his 12 years in the Secret Service, including the elite presidential protection detail. The most engaging chapters are his own analysis of law enforcement and protection controversies such as “Fast and Furious,” the Benghazi attack and the Boston Marathon bombing.

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