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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Gannett Adding Content, Raising Prices

Gannett to Add USA Today to Local Papers

Gannett Company, one of the nation’s largest newspaper chains, will try to expand its advertising and circulation revenue by inserting parts of its flagship newspaper, USA Today, into its local newspapers.

The company is expected to announce its plans Wednesday morning at the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference.

Beginning in January, Gannett will add 12 to 14 pages of USA Today content each day to 35 newspapers in its largest markets, including The Journal News in White Plains, N.Y., The Tennessean in Nashville and The Cincinnati Enquirer. That means readers, along with their local news, will get a broader mix of news from the USA Today content.



Anonymous said...

Pretty soon , just another gossip paper.

Anonymous said...

yeah right, usa today doesn't have 12 pages of content!

Anonymous said...

With their local new? What local news? You mean that 1/2 a page with one article in it of local news?
So with USA today included you will get to read the same story twice. Because that's about what it will amount to.

Anonymous said...

Sewing two sick puppies together don't make a healthy dog!

Crappy content and an after-the-fact distribution model = investor heartburn.

Couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch.