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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Obama's Wrong: GOP Is Pitching Alternative Healthcare Plans

Despite the president's assertions that GOP critics of Obamacare haven't offered anything better, Republicans have in fact put forward alternatives aimed at not only repealing the flawed law but also fixing many of its shortcomings.

In the House, the Republican Study Committee has put together the latest and most comprehensive version of a GOP healthcare plan. The American Health Care Reform Act, introduced in September, now has 108 co-sponsors.

The proposal flips Obamacare's focus on a vast role for the federal government in overseeing the nation's healthcare system to a free-market approach, including tax deductions geared at giving consumers the ability to purchase their own health insurance, and tort reform aimed at lessening costs to medical providers.

The plan leans on ideas previously proposed by Republicans, including allowing competition from insurance providers across state lines, creating pools for small businesses that keep rates down, and allowing the federal government to contribute to high-risk insurance pools in the states, bolstering support for those with pre-existing conditions.


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Anonymous said...

Give health care back to private business and remove the barriers from the free market.