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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Environmentalists Who Oppose GM Crops Are Unscientific And Dangerous

In August, environmentalists in the Philippines vandalized a field of Golden Rice, an experimental grain whose genes had been modified to carry beta-carotene, a chemical precursor of vitamin A.

Golden Rice is not produced by a corporate behemoth but by the public sector. Its seeds will be handed out free to farmers. The aim is to improve the health of children in poor countries by reducing vitamin A deficiency, which contributes to hundreds of thousands of premature deaths and cases of blindness each year.

Environmentalists claim that these sorts of actions are justified because genetically modified (GM) crops pose health risks. Now the main ground for those claims has crumbled.



Anonymous said...

lol, yeah that's right frakenfood is good for you. eat up, enjoy! Monsanto the fda and every other entity that is making money off the stupid public would never lie to you or do anything that might jeopardize you or your family's health just for a buck!
freaking liars!

lmclain said...

Ever heard of the Law of Unintended Consequences? These plants have evolved and developed their genetic structure over millions of years. Our brilliant scientist alter it and think nothing is changing except Vitamin A??? I take back the "brilliant" part.

Anonymous said...

GM food is not healthy for you. Even if the "Round up Ready" gene is OK, what about the roundup they're going to spray all over it? And corn that produces bt poison? Why do I want to eat poison?