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Saturday, June 08, 2013

Pact Aims To Reduce Animal Waste Into Chesapeake Bay

RICHMOND — The Chesapeake Bay Foundation and the Environmental Protection Agency announced an agreement Wednesday to ensure that dairy farms, poultry growers and other farm animal operations are on track to reduce pollution flowing into the bay.
The foundation said the agreement is intended to ensure that the multi-state, EPA-led restoration of the Chesapeake Bay is achieved by 2025.

The multi-part plan is aimed at ensuring compliance with measures that limit manure and other pollutants from entering streams that ultimately feed into the bay. They include fencing off streams to keep cattle from fouling their waters and management plans for feeding operations and manure.



Anonymous said...

What is fouling the Bay is town and Cities dumping raw sewage into the Bay. Can we say "Salisbury"?

Anonymous said...

I have been a member of the CBF for years, but if they start attacking the farmers I'm done.

Anonymous said...

12:21-Absolutely.We are in violation of the basic intake and output laws.An inadequate system MUST have an overflow release.

Anonymous said...

Well, that's what they're doing!
12:21: What can't flow through that 6 feet drainage pipe on waverly can swim through!
NOT to forget the upper bay lining businesses & industry at the upper source of the bay.

Anonymous said...

It's a combination and everyone needs to admit it and do their part and stop playing the blame game. I am all for farmers but not large factory farms which is what the majority of the farms in this area are anymore. Years ago when farmers raised a variety of livestock the waste wasn't as nutrient specific and the bay could absorb it. A lot of countries don't allow this practice. It's time we stopped "feeding the world" which had turned our land and waterways into toxic waste dumps and worried about ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Can I pay more rain tax, please? What a joke.