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Saturday, June 08, 2013

So Who Is James Comey, Obama’s Nominee To Head The FBI?

In light of the latest revelations that the NSA is spying on the communications of millions of Verizon customers courtesy of information provided by the FBI, it probably makes sense to know a little more about Obama’s nominee to head that Bureau. That man is James Comey, and he was a top Department of Justice attorney under John Ashcroft during the George W. Bush Administration (since then he has worked at Lockheed Martin and at the enormous Connecticut hedge fund Bridgewater Associates). This guy defines the revolving door cancer ruining these United States.

Comey’s defenders point out that he stood up to some of the more egregious spy programs that Bush officials wanted to pursue, and that he also expressed reservations about the torture program. Nevertheless, he signed off on, and provided the legal justification for both. This is the man being recycled back through the revolving door by Obama. I have read many articles on Mr. Comey ever since it surfaced he would be nominated and, as usual, Glenn Greenwald did the best work. From the Guardian:



Anonymous said...

More importantly, the question of who is Obama has never been answered.

Anonymous said...

His name doesn't sound good , isn't that slang for communist?

Anonymous said...

The man was a mole in the Bush administration, that is evidenced by his appointment by Obama. Payback.
Democrats/Marxists are very dirty devious people. Especially the racist ones like Obama.
They put on a good show but are the epitome of scumbags and evil. Even while they sit beside you in church smiling and singing along.
Even while they work beside you. Even while they share a drink at your favorite nite spot.

Hypocrites. Their record proves it time after time.