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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Richard Engel Has Been Found

NBC’s chief foreign correspondent, Richard Engel, has been found after he was kidnapped in Syria. Reports started leaking out yesterday that Engel had gone missing, but NBC blacked out the news, fearing that a lot of attention to his kidnapping might put his life in more danger. Only Gawker broke the embargo and reported on the story. According to Engel, he and his crew were abducted In Syria, held in an unknown location for five days, and subjected to psychological abuse. They were finally freed after the captors tried to move them and ended up driving into a Syrian checkpoint, where a firefight ensued. Some of Engel’s captors were killed, others fled, and eventually Engel and his crew crossed the border into Turkey and into safety. Stories like these remind us of the thankless work that journalists around the world do to bring the news into everyone’s home.

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Anonymous said...

NBC wanted to keep it quiet to protect their own. But when it comes to our troops, they will leak it all just for the $$.