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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


(College Park, MD) – A Princes George’s County man was killed this morning after the car he was driving stopped in the roadway and was struck by a truck tractor traveling on I-495 prior to New Hampshire Avenue.

The deceased has been identified as Kwame (NMN) Abban, 44, of the 9800-block of Good Luck Road, Lanham, Md. The victim was transported to Suburban Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The deceased was driving a 1997 Toyota Corolla.

The second driver is identified as Jessica W. Smith, 31, of White Hall, Md. Ms. Smith was driving a 2007 Nissan Sentra. Her vehicle struck the rear of the 1997 Toyota Corolla prior to it being struck by the truck tractor. She was not injured.

The third driver is identified as Anthony W, Reil, 44 of Bentonville, Va. Mr. Reil was driving a 2005 Sterling truck tractor. His vehicle struck the rear of the 1997 Toyota Corolla causing it to spin around and face the opposite direction. He was not injured.

A preliminary investigation has been conducted by troopers from the College Park Barrack with assistance from the Maryland State Police CRASH Team. The preliminary investigation reveals that shortly after 5:15 a.m. today, the 1997 Toyota driven by the deceased was stopped in the travel portion of I-495 prior to New Hampshire Avenue after being struck in the rear by the 2007 Nissan. The Nissan was able to move to the right shoulder of the road. For unknown reasons, the 1997 Toyota Corolla remained stopped in the roadway.

Moments later, a 2005 Sterling truck tractor traveling in lane number four struck the stopped 1997 Toyota in the rear. The crash caused the Toyota to spin around and face the opposite direction. The driver of the truck tractor was able to stop his vehicle without further incident.

There were no other passengers in any of the vehicles. It is believed at this point in the investigation that all drivers were wearing seat belts. There has been no determination of vehicle speeds at this time.

Due to the severity of the crash and the severity of the injury, troopers had to close westbound I-495 for about five hours. Prince George’s County Police and State Highway Administration personnel assisted with the closure.

The cause of the crash is unknown at this time. No charges have been placed. The investigation continues. 


Anonymous said...

Stop in a travel lane on ANY interstate road, and I can pretty much guarantee this result! Wanna test me? Go ahead, make my day! dumbass!

Anonymous said...

Maybe driving sterling tractors caused this!!