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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

WBOC Too Afraid To Actually Tell The Truth, According To This Viewer


It amazes me. Why can’t these people just report the truth? Howard County’s WWTP went without power and overflowed raw sewage into the bay at the rate of 2 million gallons per hour during the storm, and who knows how many others did the same? Well, we don’t, because the MSM will not report on it.

WBOC Reports: 

Va.'s Bay Waters Closed to Shellfish Harvesting

RICHMOND, Va. (AP)- The Virginia Department of Health is closing the state's portions of the Chesapeake Bay to shellfish harvesting due to floodwaters caused by tidal flooding and excessive rainfall.
The agency on Monday said the emergency closure also includes the inner portion of Virginia's Eastern Shore.
Officials say heavy rainfall from Hurricane Sandy has caused extensive flooding and that shellfish from those areas is currently unacceptable for consumption because of potential microbiological and chemical pollution hazards.
The affected shellfish are bivalve mollusks including oysters and clams, but not crabs or other fish. The agency says eating shellfish from the closed areas could lead to illness.


Anonymous said...

yet they'll all be happy to cover stories about bay pollution coming from the farmers...

Anonymous said...

Put this in perspective. The riverkeepers, self- proclaimed watchdogs of the Bay, have just spent three years and tens-of-thousands of dollars arguing the bay pollution comes from manure carried in the dust exhausted from poultry houses; not the piles of cow manure that the dust is flying over, not the huge uncovered pile of Ocean City sludge that brought them to the farm in the first place and not the millions of gallons of sewage discharged during WWTP overflows! No calling attention to that would make our beloved Governor look like an uncaring, incompetent fool.

Frankly, it is total hogwash and the riverkeepers need to be run out of town, just like the other snake oil salesmen of the late 1800s, early 1900s.

Anonymous said...

I guess i am done fishing in the bay for this year.

Anonymous said...

I don't watch the local news, I still watch Baltimore news. The CBS affiliate, WJZ-13, reported on the problem in Howard County.