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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Family To Appeal Judge's Ruling in 'Science City' Case

Family members of the former owner of the farm slated to become part of Johns Hopkins University's "Science City" in Germantown plan to file an appeal over a judge's ruling supporting the university.
Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Ronald Rubin ruled on Friday that Johns Hopkins University could develop the farm -- which was sold to the college by the late Elizabeth Beall Banks in 1989 to use as a university research campus -- as it plans.
Family members say the land was given to the university as a gift, and it was supposed to be developed as a research university. Rubin ruled the transaction between Banks and the university was a sale, in which Banks was paid $5 million.

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Anonymous said...

JHU is ignoring the doner's intent under the deed and contract and getting into a fight that may potentially cause problems with future prospective doners.
Then on the other hand it seems the doner herself (or lawyers) made a colossal error in the wording of the contract and the court was left with trying to figure out what Ms Banks meant to say as the deed restrictions (written by JHU lawyer no doubt) has some flexibility in it.