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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Feds Will Pay For Jailed Terror Fiend’s Hands

We’re giving this hatemonger a hand — and probably two.
Taxpayers will foot the bill to replace radical Islamic preacher Abu Hamza al-Masri’s infamous hooks, The Post has learned.
And the cost — while not quite an arm and a leg — is expected to run up to $16,000 so the one-eyed, terror-loving thug can feed and clean himself in the slammer.
Al-Masri’s metal hooks were removed from his forearm stumps Friday night after he was handed over by the Brits to face terror-related charges in Manhattan federal court.


Anonymous said...

How was he caring for himself in Britain?

Anonymous said...

How did he lose his arms?

building a suicide vest for an Islamic murderer...

lmclain said...

Muslims LAUGH at our stupidity and naive attempts to show them how much we care. Does anyone think that his new hands, provide by AMERICAN taxpayers (!!) will make him stop calling for the murder of all Westerners?? HUH!? As soon as he steps off the plane, a Marine should be directed to walk up to him and blow his brains out on TV. And turn to the camera and say "this is the begiining of our awakening to the fact that this man and all his followers want NOTHING other than OUR death. We are going to treat all of you just like this. Its on, now." Now THAT would unite Americans, especially the ones who won't have a son or daughter at the table this Christmas, or will be helping them eat because THEIR prosthetics aren't FREE.