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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Where Have All The Campaign Signs Gone?

There's a month to go before the general election, but something is missing from campaigns this year: all those candidate signs along highway medians.

In past elections, candidates would clog the Fairfax County medians with dozens of colorful but distracting campaign signs. But this year both parties agreed to abide by a new law banning the signs along highway medians.

The agreement comes even though there's no mechanism in place to enforce the ban.



Anonymous said...

Its simple...the Obama faithful are too embarrassed to be seen putting up signs and the Romney faithful have more class than to litter the roadways with signs that will be pulled up and thrown in the ditch by democrats when Obama loses.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope that this spreads to Wicomico County ASAP

Anonymous said...

Every time a Romney sign is put up in a semi secluded area it is destroyed by Obama supporters, and cars with Romney bumper stickers have been vandalized also. The Obama people are running wild all over the country taking the signs down!