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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lost Dog 10-10-12

I was heading down College Ave. around 11am & found this little guy dodging traffic. He seemed lost. I turned back around, stopped my car & opened the door and he jumped right in my lap. He's a lovable fellow but I'm sure he's missing his owner. He is safe with me & has been bathed and is being taken care of. He seems to be an older dog. Could you please post his picture & my phone # in hopes of his owner seeing this? 


Anonymous said...

Owner located

Bullard Construction said...

YAY, yet again! Thanks, Joe!

Anonymous said...

By any chance is the Angel (the spanish pronuciation) owned by a Hispanic couple? I found a poodle just like him last year.

Anonymous said...

College Ave??? Sure glad for people like you---Hope he never gets out again!
People--where's the collar -- name tags -- leash or micro chip for the dog?????? If you love them---you do everything u can to help protect them!! If you can't protect them---give them to someone who will!!

Anonymous said...

Turns out the owner had just moved here a couple days ago & when the dog went out to use the bathroom he became disoriented and wandered off, as he is 11 yrs old. He's back home now and is happy. Thanks again, Joe.