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Monday, October 22, 2012

Campaign 2012 Preview: Question 3, Removing Elected Officials

The cases of several Prince George's County officials accused of wrong doing has led to a state constitutional amendment that is before Maryland voters on Election Day.
The amendment is listed as Question 3 on this year's ballot.
Under current law, an elected official convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor related to their official duties is not removed from office, until they are sentenced.
Prince George's County Delegate Jolene Ivey says that official can remain in office for months, after being found guilty by a judge or a jury, or entering a guilty or no contest plea.


Anonymous said...

P.G. County , get rid of them all , the most corrupt in the U.S..
The Middle East of the U.S.. The Belgium Congo of the world.

Anonymous said...

Vote yes on 3, if only to rein in the gross corruption of PG County Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how many PG Co. officials will bow out or lie on the new ethics disclosure statements.