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Monday, October 22, 2012


Mitt Romney’s “base” has been depicted as an overweight, nearly illiterate, sweating woman with hairy legs holding a sign asking to see President “Obummerz” birth certificate.

Romney himself is shown as a sexist, with his hand nearly caressing the breasts of a more attractive, skinnier woman depicted as “the center.”



Anonymous said...

The Tea Partiers were backing Rick Santorum, Hermain Cain, Ricky Perry, and all those other jokers(Bachmann). They're voting against Obama, not for Romney.

Anonymous said...

The dems are just trying to make it seem that Romney is a womanizer because alot of people are getting creeped out by whenever woman's issues are brought up around Obama he is obsessed only with things to do with sex and woman. No mention ever by him of woman being concerned about the economy, the deficit, jobs.

Anonymous said...

hilarious cartoon. Cue the phony outrage. I guess the cartoonist should have just took a page out of the GOP attack machine's playbook and found the dumbest person they could find on the street to exploit for political gain.

Anonymous said...

No one's outraged-just stating the facts. The woman vote that Obama counted on is leaving him. One of the reasons is that Obama is scary obsessed with "woman's parts instead of their smarts."
So now they are attempting to turn Romney into a womanizer. They tried the "binder" BS and that fell flat on it's face so now this.

Anonymous said...

They claim Romney will pay women less by inference... Yet Obama pays women less for real in the White House. While he outsources security to untrained/unarmed locals and gets four Americans killed.

A hypocrite liar always gets his due.

Anonymous said...

Better than Obama Bi Ladens empty headed liberals who wouldnt know the truth if it slapped them in their empty heads.

WHA WHA said...

Poor Whittle Obama needs his diaper changed again