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Monday, October 22, 2012

Pay Gap Between Government, Private Sector Widens To 34 Percent

On average, feds earn 34 percent less than their private-sector counterparts, according to new data. Last year, the public-private pay gap was 26 percent. Over the last several years, the council's analysis has shown the pay gap increasingly widening.

Publishers Notes: This article is very important to Salisbury as the City Council is trying to figure out if they should do another Singer Study in the hopes of increasing the salaries for City employees. As we noted recently, the MML is capable of providing comparisons to other municipalities for around $240.00. The Singer Study could cost taxpayers upwards of $50,000.00. 

Now you have to ask yourself, (after reading this article) is it worth it?


Anonymous said...

The federal government does not operate on a profit margin.If a private sector employer fails to make a profit they will go out of business, plain and simple.The private sector employees always have the bottom line stress factor,meaning that they can be let go at any time.Federal employees have a higher degree of job security that more than offsets the slight difference in pay.

Anonymous said...

6:27,to go a bit farther,some have 100% pensions,retire at 50 and health care for life.