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Monday, October 22, 2012

There's A Significant Chance That This Election Ends With Electoral College Catastrophe

The probability of one candidate winning the electoral college while losing the popular vote has never been this high.
When Romney trounced Obama in the first debate, his poll numbers surged across national polls.
But Obama's lead — although it was diminished — remained in the swing states.
In fact, Obama also had strong leads in states that already put him over the 270 limit.
Were the President to maintain his lead in Ohio, New Hampshire, and Nevada — in essence, to just stop losing ground in the states he's got a firm hold on — he'd win anyway



Anonymous said...

That's why it's important for intelligent people to vote this election. Offer to drive someone who is unable to do so to the polls. Remind friends and family members who support Romney/Ryan to vote! Go to your nearest Republican Hdqrtrs and get your yard signs and bumper stickers. This is that crucial of a race! This one is for saving America!

Anonymous said...

If someone is unable to drive, it's a good chance they're too broke to afford their own car. In which case Romney/Ryan really don't care about them....unleast until they see the camera light is on.

Anonymous said...

lol 1:58

1:41, I like the way you think and are showing an interest. Too many of us just don't care or show up to pull a lever without really thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

I think you're all full of it.

Anonymous said...

Voting (like resistance) is futile.

No matter which one wins, we lose.

Hunker down and buy plenty of food, water, and gas.