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Friday, September 07, 2012

Kellie Pickler's shaved head: Cancer patients get the message

Kellie Pickler shaved her head this week in a sign of solidarity with a close childhood friend facing cancer, and to raise awareness about early prevention of the disease. But the country singer might not know how many other cancer patients were moved by her gesture.
Cancer patients endure a particular kind of hell when they lose their hair, said Nancy Lumb of Chevy Chase, Md. For many -- especially women -- it's the single hardest part of their battle.
Lumb should know. She never cried when she was diagnosed with breast cancer four years ago. She stayed strong when she had to tell her husband, her friends and her family about the diagnosis. She bravely faced a lumpectomy, four months of chemo and 33 rounds of radiation treatment.


Anonymous said...

I can relate , I had stage 4 cancer in 2004 , seems ok now , I hope . Both these young ladies are beautiful without hair.

Anonymous said...

Lovely thing to do, and yes, both are beautiful with the shaved look.

Trippler said...

I hope for an immediate and thorough recovery for Miss Kellie's friend. Still, one cannot help but notice how beautiful both ladies look with the buzz cut. Such an appearance compels a man to look directly at the eyes of a woman rather than her clothes or her figure. This is what most women prefer and I certainly understand that. A woman, indeed, wants to have her clothes and figure admired by other women. But not by men. And I applaud them for feeling that way. Therefore, a short hair cut works wonderfully to draw a man's attention to her eyes.

Good to see that short hair is back in style for ladies. Let's hope this style will be around for a long time so that women can feel more beautiful than ever!