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Friday, September 07, 2012

Indictment In Alleged Teachers Union Embezzlement

SNOW HILL -- A Worcester County grand jury last week formally indicted an Ocean Pines woman charged in early August with allegedly absconding with well over $400,000 from the Worcester County Teacher’s Association (WCTA) over a three-year period.

Last Tuesday, a Worcester County grand jury indicted Denise Inez Owens, 58, of Ocean Pines, on multiple charges including four counts of theft over $500, theft scheme over $500, embezzle or misappropriate funds, and embezzle or misappropriate funds as an executor, administrator or guardian. Owens has been accused of allegedly bilking the WCTA out of $433,784 over a three-year period beginning in 2006 while acting in the capacity of the association’s treasurer.



Anonymous said...

Unions are destroying this country.

Anonymous said...

A democrat and a member of the lawless teachers union. Imagine that.

Anonymous said...

No wonder our BOEs lack funds. We thot the lottery was taking care of the casinos. Problem is, there's NO ACCOUNTABILITY!.
How much they get, where it goes. Where has "it" gone?
FOIA forms. Where do we go?

Anonymous said...

Look into the coverup in this case, more arrests to come!