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Friday, September 07, 2012

Obama's Convention Speech Gets A Brutal Verdict

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — It's only been a few minutes since President Barack Obama accepted the nomination at the Democratic National Convention, but his speech is already being panned as mediocre and largely void of substance.

"A great speech is more than the sum of its parts," New York Times polling guru Nate Silver tweeted after the speech. "Don't think Obama met that standard."

In a snap recap of the speech titled "Why Obama's Speech Fell Short," National Journal columnist Ron Fournier criticized the President for failing to offer a substantive vision of what he plans to accomplish if given a second term.

The speech, Fournier writes, "wasn’t a blueprint as much as it was a collection of lofty goals and promises."

"He might want to consider offering more details in the debates, policy speeches, and ads," he added. "For now, voters must settle for prose."

Appearing on Fox News right after the speech, conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer was far more harsh, calling Obama's speech "one of the emptiest speeches I have ever seen on the national stage," and noting that it was a marked contrast to Obama's aspirational 2008 acceptance speech.

Liberal pundits were slightly more measured, but there appears to be widespread agreement that Obama's big speech did not live up to expectations.



Anonymous said...

We have to realize that Congress is the ones that Make it Happen or Not----so please quit blaming the President for sooo many things.

When you go to the polls in November----better be right in your vote for who you put in Congress!!!

Anonymous said...

His speech had a lot more substance than Romney's.

Anonymous said...

I guess pure manure counts as " substance"... In that case 1:14 is absolutely correct!!

Anonymous said...

A great speech, no doubt about it. To say otherwise is a lie.

Anonymous said...

The propaganda mill continues. Did anyone else catch the "old janitor who wins the lottery and still goes to work even though his plant is closing in two months, that gives me hope"


Wake up sheeple!!!