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Friday, August 24, 2012

Postal Service Rents Empty Building In Montgomery County For Over $186,000 Per Month

The U.S. Postal Service is spending more than $186,000 to rent an empty building it previously owned at 7400 Wisconsin Ave., in Bethesda.

That figure includes $23,299 per month for the historic post office they vacated in May for a new location at 6900 Wisconsin Ave., wrote USPS spokeswoman Laura Dvorak in an email.

The move was part of an effort to shrink the USPS network of facilities — and cut expenses — but the lease at 7400 Wisconsin Ave. does not end until February 2013.



Anonymous said...

leave it to a government agency to make this kind of decision.It would be interesting to follow this money trail.

Daddio said...

Doesn't sound like any expenses have been "cut" if they are paying rent for an empty building.

You would think that they could have used some better timing before moving out? Like waiting for the old lease to expire first?