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Friday, August 24, 2012

Florida Man Has Loaded Gun Stolen From His Car, Only to Have It Returned With a Disturbing Message

A Florida man says he will no longer carry a loaded gun in his car after a disturbing incident at his Port St. Lucie home. Someone apparently wanted to teach him a lesson in gun safety.

Mike Maisonnueve told local police that his gun, bullets and a knife were stolen from his unlocked vehicle parked in his driveway, WPBF reports. After realizing his car had been broken into, he started making his way back into his house when he noticed a bag next to the front door, with words scribbled on either side.

One message read: “LOADED GUN unlocked car = STUPID!!”

On the other side: “LOTS of children in the area.”



Anonymous said...

I would add "Loaded gun in bag in plain sight on porch=Stupid"

Anonymous said...

I'll bet the bullets were removed before it was left at the door. that would have been the smart thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Your story says unlocked car and car was broken into. Bottom line don't leave guns in your car....carry on your person.

Anonymous said...

This story has many holes. I bet a little research on ths guy will leed to the democrat party and an anti gun group