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Friday, August 24, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: 2 Dead After Empire State Building Shooting

FDNY tells Fox News that 2 people were killed— including the gunman— and 8 wounded during a rush-hour shooting spree near landmark building.

From Fox News


Anonymous said...

This country has sadly lost its mind.

Shayari said...

Its the USA government responsible for the mess as they do not have the gun control and any body can keep the gun , the why to repent for some thing which u have u r self created the mess.

Anonymous said...

Hey Shayari
where did you go to school , UMES , I guess.
What did they teach you , nothing , I guess.
Or should I say , what did you learn.
Answer= nothing

Anonymous said...

Yeh lets keep letting the thugs, criminals physco's and our beloved government and cops have the only guns..Sheeple I am not,

12:30 WHAT??? the heck are you trying to say?

Anonymous said...

If all citizens could open (or concealed) carry, he would have been down before he had a chance to aim at #3.
Instead, everyone there were watching the horror helplessly until police arrived.


Anonymous said...

Bloomie was quick to label this a terrorist act when in fact it was a disgruntled, recently fired employee gone "postal". Yet a madman, muslin army officer yelling alla akbar while shooting down and killing 14 people with no provocation "bears watching and is merely "disturbed", NOT a terrorist act. The fact remains little in the way of prevention could be done in either case.