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Friday, July 06, 2012

San Diego Fireworks Malfunction In Big, Fast Flash

The San Diego Trolley was packed. Hotel rooms facing the bay were sold out. And local radio was set to simulcast a patriotic score for the Fourth of July show.

But instead of 20 minutes of fireworks, the crowd in San Diego got about 20 seconds of giant, deafening booms after a computer mishap sent multiple bulb-shaped explosions over the bay.

The show's producer blamed a "technical glitch" Thursday, saying an error in its computer system caused tens of thousands of fireworks on four barges to go off simultaneously with a single command.


Youre opinion? A Let down or once in a lifetime event?


Anonymous said...

Glad this did not happen in Salisbury..where there has been too much criticism on here already of the fireworks. What is it about Salisbury News that brings out such harsh comments from the against everything Salisbury. I wish people would try to find some good and give praise occasionally.

JoeAlbero said...

anonymous 8:51, REALLY, just on Salisbury News, eh? Have you ever read the Grapevine comments?????? Especially when your people are attacking Debbie, Terry & Tim! Get a grip. The event was spectacular and my hat is tipped to all involved. However, are you forgetting that Mike Dunn was a key player in REMOVING Fireworks in Salisbury??? So other people like myself started supporting new events elsewhere and guess what, IT WORKED and they all became a huge success. Did you go to Willards? Did you see cars parked as far as the eyes could see. Did you see the FAMILIES at that event, or in Hebron. WHY do YOU feel the need to compete? It's ALL about politics. Just wait and see.