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Friday, July 06, 2012

Elderly Pro-Life Advocate Breaks His Hip After Alleged Violent Attack by Angry Pro-Choicer

Everett Stadig, a 69-year-old volunteer who has been collecting signatures for Colorado’s Personhood amendment, was reportedly violently thrown off of his bicycle and assaulted this week. The pro-life advocate suffered a broken hip and has gone through surgery to replace a portion of it after a man became irate and attacked him outside of a grocery store in Denver.

Problems started for Stadig when, as LifeSiteNews reports, he asked the man in question if he would be willing to sign the Personhood petition (activists need 86,000 to get the measure on November ballots). The individual refused to sign and apparently started yelling, swearing and proclaiming, “I’m pro-choice.”



Anonymous said...

Why has'nt this whole thing been ironed out at a national level by now? Why is pro choice,pro life still an issue after all these years? An absolute law one way or the other and be done with one could stop the protests,but if a federal law was established the whole thing would be history.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe this! I am pro-choice but would never even think about attacking someone b/c they disagree with me. What is wrong with people!? Our differences are what makes life fun. People need to chill. Geesh!