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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Earl Campbell Article Surpasses The 300 Comment Mark

Without a doubt, this is the "Article Of The Year" on Salisbury News. With millions of people from around the World coming to see what happened its no wonder the Daily Times refused to put our name in their article referencing this matter.

They have become a nothing newspaper who's only goal is to be a yes man for those in power within many different municipalities. You know, a sort of Metropolitan Magazine in newspaper print. You pay for it, we'll kiss your ass no matter what and say whatever you like.

When you want the real story, the truth, come to Salisbury News. We're NOT afraid of the Board of Education, the Sheriff's Department or whomever else is out there pushing them around.

In the mean time, do go look at how many comments the Daily Times has on their article. Enough said. Salisbury News IS DelMarVa's News Leader.

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