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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

In Role Reversal, US On Track To Be An Oil Exporter

The contentious debate in Congress over the Keystone XL pipeline obscures one significant detail many Americans don't realize: In the first three quarters of 2011, we exported more oil than we imported. This means it's highly likely that this year will be the first time in more than six decades that the United States will be a net exporter of petroleum products, according to a report in USA Today Monday.

Analysts and scientists who study oil production say the trend is accelerating. An energy expert cited by USA Today predicts that the United States' own production could rise to 2.9 billion barrels annually by the end of the decade.



Anonymous said...

Yesterday we needed to drill baby drill because we had to import so much. Which is it???

Anonymous said...

That article is poorly written. The USA is an exporter of product only because we can refine more petroleum than we can use. We are still an importer of oil and will be forever unless we drill more domestically.