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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

O'Malley Signs Executive Order On Md. Growth Plan

ANNAPOLIS — Gov. Martin O’Malley signed an executive order Monday outlining how to implement the state’s first long-range strategy to control growth as the population continues to swell, but opponents say the plan that includes sweeping land-use implications should have gone through the General Assembly.

O’Malley was joined by former governors Harry Hughes and Parris Glendening for the presentation of PlanMaryland. The basic framework of the plan is in effect. However, the administration will be working with local governments for the next six months to develop a specific list of criteria for planning areas, and no major changes are expected to happen before a year’s time, said Maryland Department of Planning Secretary Richard Hall.



Anonymous said...

How the hell can he do that?

Anonymous said...

Years ago in Howard and Montgomery county they would only let you sell property if it was 25 acres. If you had 49 acres it was only 1 lot and couldn't be divided into 2 lots. People must have found away around this since they have houses all over the place up there where farms used to be. I'm sure someone will find a way around this also.

Anonymous said...

so an executive can sign a piece of paper dictating what a PRIVATE PROPERTY OWNER can do to his property, and that is LEGAL within the US and MD constitutions? with no vote from the people's representatives? i find that to be like SOVIET UNION? what is MD coming too? exactly, USSR (because o'malley knows so much more about life than i do!!, what a crock)

Anonymous said...

Only the rich will be building in Maryland if they want to.