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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


The Ocean City Police Department proudly graduated five new officers from the Eastern Shore Criminal Justice Academy’s 67th police academy class on Friday, December 16, 2011, as well as one lateral police officer. Officers were formally recognized as certified police officers of the Ocean City Police Department, after 24 weeks (919 hours) of intense training.

The recruit class was comprised of various law enforcement agencies from all over Maryland’s Eastern Shore. These officers continued the long established tradition of OCPD officers by graduating from the police academy with top honors. Four of the five OCPD officers finished in the top four academic standings of the class as follows:
• OFC Marie Caron distinguishing herself as the class valedictorian, she also won the physical fitness award and achieved a pistol expert firearms rating.
• OFC Jill Bankard graduated second overall and also won the physical fitness award.
• OFC Nicholas Forsyth was ranked third overall in the class
• OFC Sean McHugh was ranked fourth overall and also achieved the pistol expert
firearms rating.
• OFC Trevor Greenawalt won the physical fitness award and achieved a ranking as a pistol expert.
• OFC Matthew McFarlane (not pictured) was a comparative compliance new hire from the State of New Jersey, and attended required segments of the academy for Maryland certification; he achieved a pistol expert ranking.

“Once again our new officers continue OCPD’s long-standing tradition of excellence by
taking the awards in their class. It’s an honor to welcome these six officers to our
department,” said Ocean City Police Chief Bernadette DiPino. “They have demonstrated
that they have what it takes to be leaders within the Ocean City Police Department and the Ocean City community. I am thrilled to have them as members of the Ocean City
Police Department.” “They exemplify all that is good in law enforcement and will serve our community with pride, integrity and professionalism.”


Anonymous said...

All of them have less benefits than those they work with. You will see these officers leaving for better just like they used to before they raised the benefits.

Anonymous said...

I should say congrats first.