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Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Yale Law School Pulls Funding from Students Working with Christian Organizations

Yale University has decided to pull funding from students who work with Christian non-profit legal organizations including the Alliance Defending Freedom.

According to a report from The Federalist, Yale Law School announced a new policy in March that will effectively pull funding from students who work with Christian public interest groups. At law schools around the country, students that work for non-profit legal organizations are often eligible for a stipend from their university. This practice encourages students to pursue noble non-profit work despite the lack of pay.

Earlier this year, one of Yale University’s LGBT groups demanded that the law school pull financial support from students who work with Christian public interest groups like the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). The push came in the aftermath of a campus event featuring an attorney from ADF who spoke about the Masterpiece Cakeshop case in which a Christian baker was asked to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding.

Federalist contributor and Yale Law School student Aaron Haviland reported on Monday that Yale had caved to the demands of the students. On March 25, the school announced that students who work with organizations that allegedly discriminate based on LGBTQ identity.



Anonymous said...

Yeah give to the far left devil following groups, but those that respect God and Country go without. Sad, truly sad!

Anonymous said...

luciferians stomping any reference to the truth of Gods words. His light and truths burns their eyes ears hearts and souls. their love for satans ideals is sickening their hatred for The GOD who gave them the gift of life is truly sad.

Anonymous said...

Lesbians, Gays,Bi-sexuals, Trans-sexuals and Queers that sure sounds like a lovely group. Salisbury's mayor aught to fit right in.

Anonymous said...

But I will bet that they fund muslim groups. See how well the treat the LGBTXYZ community.

Anonymous said...

I see no problem with this. It is unconscionable that religious organizations would work in the legal system to force their brand of religiosity on the rest of the public.

Religious liberty means you get to practice your religion as you see fit. It is not you imposing your religious views on the rest of society via legislation or law suits.

Being made to be the same or as equal is not persecution, religious groups confuse not getting to have their "privilege" with persecution with is laughable.

Yea.. I hope more colleges follow suit in this. The one thing religious groups are flush with is cash... mandatory donations in the form of "tithes"... so... no need to further help this helplessly confused group of folks.

Anonymous said...

This is why I am Muslim and not Christian. See, they don't do this to Muslims because we aren't pushovers. They view you lot as candyasses. And frankly you are. You represent a solid portion of the USA and you are so passive that they have all but forced you to condone and marry two homosexuals in your own church.