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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Uh Oh: Elizabeth Warren's Past May Catch Up To Her

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-WA) has made a name for herself as "strong progressive." She's championed traditionally progressive values like gun control, taxing the rich and even forgiving people's student loan debt. But before Warren was a progressive darling she was actually a registered Republican, POLITICO reported.

For quite a few years, Warren was a registered Republican in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. It wasn't until she was 47 years old and a Harvard professor that she suddenly changed parties.
Warren has acknowledged her Republican past before, but she does not often discuss it, or else downplays it. In a recent interview over tea at her home in Cambridge, Massachusetts, she said she assumes the first time she registered as a Democrat was 1996, but added, “I’m not even 100 percent sure what I was registered as.” According to Warren, in the six presidential elections she voted in before 1996, she cast her ballot for just one GOP nominee, Gerald Ford in 1976. She does not talk about her Republican past in either of her books or as part of the biography she recounts in her stump speech; the information often comes as a surprise even to Beltway politicos and longtime Warren allies.


Anonymous said...

She has been talked about that she might go on the war-path and scalp people if she can't get enough wampum donated to her run for great white father of the nation.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Warren reminds me of that lady - i'm sure it's happened to you, too - that mysterisly shows up in front of you at Walmart. You know, the one that seems stoned or just crazy who starts saying weird things.
It's never happened to you?? Just wait. They're out there. Just like E.W.
It's really scary at Walmart and on CNN town halls.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe she was ever a Harvard Professor, much less a real senator she believed she was a Cherokee Indian recently until her DNA test, and still she thinks she is Presidential material: It's now the REAL STOOGIES, CLINTON, BIDEN, WARREN, HOGAN PELOSI, SCHUMER, AND CORTEZ---they all do qualify for comedians!

Anonymous said...

They are shooting a campaign comercial for her. It is a reboot of the old Cherokee Indian crying about litter. It has her in a headdress, a tear running down her cheek and a voice saying how Trump is destroying America.