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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Another French Church Burns on Easter Sunday, Probable Arson

Police have confirmed that a fire in the French church of Notre-Dame de Grâce on Easter Sunday appears to have been intentionally set, making it the latest in a string of desecrations of Christian churches in the country.

The fire was started in a large, wooden confessional around 4:30pm and proceeded to consume a dais in the presbytery of the eighteenth-century church located in the southern French town of Eyguières, near Provence.

“Flames several meters high were coming out of the church,” said the mayor of Eyguières, Henri Pons, before a team of 30 firefighters with six vehicles arrived and managed to contain the blaze.

An area of some 20 square meters in the church was destroyed but observers have noted that the damage would have been far worse had it not been it not for the bold intervention of a local inhabitant.



Anonymous said...

This is really not hard to figure out, the churches are burning and the nasty Muslims are setting them on fire.

Anonymous said...

Holden Mathews, son of a deputy sheriff in Louisiana was recently arrested for torching 3 Black Churches.