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Monday, March 25, 2019

How to end our national nightmare — probe Hillary Clinton again

Now that special counsel Robert Mueller has completed his investigation, it is tempting to breathe a sigh of relief and assume that our long national nightmare is over. Resist the temptation, the assumption is false.

We are not close to the end. Not by a long shot.

In fact, I believe the last two years, as traumatic as they were, will prove to be the easier part of the nightmare, because Mueller dealt only with whether Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign conspired with Russia to swing the election. Based on what we know so far, especially that no more indictments are coming, it appears that Mueller’s answer is no, there was no collusion or obstruction of justice.

If true, this is an enormous vindication for Trump, who insisted all along that he had done nothing wrong. Supporters were understandably in a celebratory mood, with some saying on Twitter that it felt like 2016 election night all over again.



Anonymous said...

Give me a break, under that logic we should keep investigating Trump because there was no concrete answer that he did or did not obstruct justice. LET IT GO.

Anonymous said...

Negative on letting it go. The evidence against Clinton for multiple crimes seems clear. It was covered up by others who were committing crimes to do it. The process doesn't end until there's an adjudication, not anything less.

Anonymous said...

I wish it was said differently. "Probe Hillary again" just makes me want to gag.

Anonymous said...

10:57 clearly, it is not. Your conspiracy theory attitude doesn't help matter. Insisting that there were cover ups with no proof simply because things didn't go your way is ridiculous. She was investigated multiple times. Nothing. As far as committing crimes, remind me how many of Trumps closest were indicted as a result of the Mueller investigation? 2 are in jail. 2 awaiting sentencing. Stone charged. 13 Russian nationals charged with conspiracy to defraud the US 12 Russian officers charged with Hacking Democratic officials and a former Manafort aide charged with obstruction.

If the process doesn't end until adjudication then guess what buddy, Trump continues to be investigated. The same veil you think is pulled over Clinton supporters eyes is clearly pulled over yours.

Anonymous said...

She was never actually investigated under the same (or even close to) stringent conditions. The FBI "investigation" was a farce.

Anonymous said...


Nothing to see here, move along.

Just bury all of Hillary's crimes under the rug.

Smashing blackberries that are under subpoena
Using bleach-bit on her clearly illegal email server.
The Clinton foundation pay for play scheme.
Stealing most of the money that was supposed to help the Haitians.
Lying to congress under oath.

The list goes on and on and on

Anonymous said...

We don't have to beat up on her now. Just look at HER her.

Anonymous said...

And on.

Anonymous said...

Whoever probes her better get a bullet proof body suit and a helmet.

Anonymous said...

We ALL know Damn well what she did & she should be in
PRISON already !!!! Along with Lynch , Comey , Schiff,
Schumer , Cummings , Clapper & More !!!!

Anonymous said...

There is No Justice if they are Not Prosecuted !!!!

Anonymous said...

Probe that Dirty Clinton Foundation tooooo !!!!!

Let's see were they got all the $$$$$ from & look at their
TAXES !!!!!