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Monday, March 25, 2019

Google Downplays Searches for News of No New Indictments in Mueller Probe

Google search is hiding auto-completed text related to the Robert Mueller special counsel investigation, according to a Washington Free Beacon analysis.

Mueller's investigation has finished with no further indictments, the culmination of a story that has dominated the news for the better part of two years. But the most popular search engine is avoiding the topic.

Using Google search on multiple browsers and on private-browsing mode, the Free Beacon found Google search had an aversion to the search term "indictment."

Using either "Trump" or "Mueller" as the subject, the following word "indictment" was not suggested even after spelling out most of it. For example, putting "Trump indi" into Google’s search bar does not lead to "Trump indictment" but rather to "Trump India," "Trump India Pakistan," Trump India tariffs," and "Trump Indiana."



Anonymous said...

Why did McConnel vote against releasing the details of the report despite 400+ representatives voting to do so?

Anonymous said...

Mcconnel knows if the report is released it will expose the Republicans for the frauds they are. That's why he blocked it

Anonymous said...

Done on purpose to keep low info voters out of the loop.

Anonymous said...

Indictments should Next be on the Democrats incl Hillary !!!

Anonymous said...

Time for Schiff to resign!

Anonymous said...

screw googlw duc duc go