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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The new Democratic Party, where antifa writes the financial regulations

How far left has the Democratic Party shifted? Here's one answer: A violent antifa leader, recently charged with assaulting two Marines on the street in Philadelphia, had been working with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Democratic members of Congress to implement regulations on consumers and small businesses.

On Nov. 17, two U.S. Marines were attacked in Philadelphia by a group of antifa activists. One of those recently charged in the attack with aggravated assault, ethnic intimidation, and terroristic threats was Joseph Alcoff. Alcoff also ran Smash Racism D.C., the organization that laid siege to the home of Tucker Carlson and chased Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and his wife out of a restaurant where they were dining.

On social media, Alcoff, using an alias, has called for the overthrow of capitalism and the institution of communism in the United States.



Anonymous said...

gloves need to come off and put these communist agitators in there place preferable russia

Anonymous said...

This guy needs to be set up as well. See how he likes it.

Anonymous said...

He needs a one way to get to Venezuela