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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Federal grand jury reportedly already convened, issued multiple subpoenas on Jussie Smollett fake mail threat

If the remarkable grassroots journalists at CWBChicago are correct (as they have been all along), Jussie Smollett has a lot more to worry about than the state rap of a class four felony of making a false police report. If he was indeed responsible for the sending of a letter to the Fox Chicago studios where Empire is produced, he has triggered federal charges that carry hard time. Importantly, the feds don't parole early to relieve overcrowded prisons the way the Great State of Illinois does.

You see, using the mail to make a threat that can be seen as a terroristic threat — even to oneself — is no small deal to Uncle Sam. And (don't laugh!) it brings in the most underrated federal law enforcement agency of all: the Postal Inspectors.

Most people don't realize what a fearsome agency this is.



Anonymous said...

FBI falsifying a Hate crime
STATE charge falsely a police report

Felony charge inciting a riot.

FELONY sending a susbstance through the mail

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I hope he does have to go to jail for this. Several reasons:
First, for anyone and everyone who has ever filed a REAL complaint, this crying wolf crap hurts all of them.
Second, he needs to be the example for anyone thinking of doing this (like the students at SU last year that got caught and only got a slap on the wrists)
Third, it will continue this falsehood that the MSM tried to pin on Trump supporters (look at all of the politicians and talk show hosts and celebrities condemning Trump and Pence - like they had anything to do with it) and make the MSM look more like the bigots than they claim us deplorables to be.
Fourth, it will -hopefully - show the people who believed it that the press is, and will continue, to pull the wool over their eyes with false narratives using identity politics to further their agenda.

Anonymous said...

One's's life is about to change for-ever!

Rightfully so too!

Anonymous said...

How's that old saying go? "Give an idiot enough rope and he'll hang himself." Lol Perfect.

Anonymous said...

10 years.

Anonymous said...

The SOB needs to go to prison. The POS went on national TV and said he became a victim because he spoke out against President Trump. Screw him screw the worthless sperm inserter and the slut leg spreader that spawned him. They were obviously uncivilized and primal piss poor examples to have raised such a POS kid.

Anonymous said...

I'll second that