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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Limbaugh: AOC’s ‘Victory’ Over Amazon Is ‘Wonderful, Teachable Moment’

On his talk radio program Friday, "The Big Voice on the Right" discussed the "wonderful teachable moment" about what is currently taking place within the Democrat Party provided by freshman Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's self-declared "victory" over billionaire Jeff Bezos and Amazon — a "victory" that came at the expense of 25,000 jobs in her district and over $20 billion in tax revenues to her state.

Calling the whole debacle "absolutely fascinating," Rush Limbaugh posited that it provides us a stark view of the "sea change" taking place within the Democrat Party. Amazon's decision to pull out of New York "because of actions taken by these new young socialist Democrat congressional people," he said, "is a wonderful teachable moment about what is happening to the Democrat Party and how the traditional way of looking at states working with companies and corporations to create jobs and create a tax base is out the window."

Citing emails to him declaring Ocasio-Cortez "dead" in 2020 because she's responsible for killing the Amazon deal, Limbaugh pushed back on the premise.


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Anonymous said...

How much you bet that Comrade DeBlasio and/or baby killer Cuomo can find someone to primary AOC? She cost them both prestige and cash.