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Friday, January 11, 2019

Jeff Bezos leaves $137B on the line without prenup in divorce

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie, who announced they are divorcingafter 25 years of marriage, did not have a prenuptial agreement — meaning they will divide their gargantuan fortune equally, according to a report on Thursday,

Bezos, 54 — who sits at the top of Forbes’ world billionaires ranking with a real-time worth of $137.1 billion — and MacKenzie, 48, an award-winning novelist, live in Washington state, a “community property state,” meaning divorcing couples without a prenup split assets 50-50, according to TMZ, which cited “sources with direct knowledge” of their arrangement.



Anonymous said...

Actually his net worth has been only half of the estimate all the while since half of the loot belonged to his wife.

His girlfriend looks like a gold-digger. Think he'll pre-nup now?

Personal observation is that he's trading down.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why such crappy headline when he openly admits he couldn't have done it without her and her support. She earned it as much as he did because she supported him when he did it and quit his job to start it.

Screw the media and their bs fake stories

Can they tell the truth on anything?

Anonymous said...

OUCH!! Guess he never thought starting off selling books out of his garage would end up @137 billion÷2