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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

That weird silence you get from the Democrats on the Honduras caravan

As television screens fill up with images of the 7,000- to 10,000-strong Honduran migrant army snaking its way up through the belly of Mexico, and President Trump issues warnings that they not cross into the U.S., one group of people, well known for otherwise enjoying grandstanding, has been weirdly silent: Democrats. Fox News has certainly noticed:

Democrats appear to be remaining silent on the issue of the caravan of thousands of immigrants on the march from Central America and unwilling to get into a public debate with President Trump since the midterms are just weeks away.

Where's Sen. Chuck Schumer to weep some blubbery tears for the migrants? Where's House minority leader Nancy Pelosi to fill us in on the state of their souls? Where's the phony rhetoric from ex-president Obama about unskilled, illiterate, and non-English-speaking aliens being an "asset" to our country instead of a drain on its finances? Where's Sen. Bernie Sanders advising us they'll be great socialist voters? Where's Hillary Clinton to tell us they "are citizens" or something of that sort? Where's Rep. Luís Gutiérrez to blame America for the whole thing? Where's Kamala Harris with her love for the cameras?

Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.



Anonymous said...

And FAKE bombs that DONT go Off all found the same time and day ? all to take the focus off of the Caravan.

russellg said...

For these immigrants fleeing from poverty, they sure are wearing some nice clothes and look well fed.

Anonymous said...

Dont they?

Anonymous said...

Totally Agree 4:16

Anonymous said...

Bring them all to Delmarva, the Chicken plants will hire them, the owners hire illegals all the time!

Anonymous said...

Will Ben Cardin be heading down to the caravan to register them to vote?