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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Trump's Deputies Are Ending Obama-Created Outsourcing Program

President Donald Trump’s deputies have announced they will soon cancel the work permits which were awarded to 100,000 foreign visitors under a controversial outsourcing program created by President Barack Obama.

The planned November announcement of the cancellation will be a boost to millions of U.S. professionals — young and old — who lose opportunities, jobs, and salaries to the many visa-workers imported by companies and investors.

Many U.S. graduates have already lost jobs and salaries because the federal government allows U.S. companies to outsource their jobs to a low-wage workforce of roughly 1.5 million imported college-graduates. The foreign workers — nearly all of whom are Indian or Chinese — get their work permits via several visa programs, including the H-1B and L-1 visa programs.



Anonymous said...

Another way that the previous turd POSPOTUS screwed the American worker without authority - using an executive order.

Make America Greater Again - by making Americans first in line in America!

Anonymous said...

It's about GD time! How are we supposed to encourage students toward STEM degrees when we have to include a disclaimer that you will probably be replaced by a foreign worker that doesn't have college loans to pay off?