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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Eric Holder Rallies Resistance Inside Trump Admin: 'We Support You'

Former Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. sent a message of encouragement to discontented Justice Department “career employees” on Friday morning.

“Trump and Sessions are trying to destroy the traditions of the Justice Department,” Holder wrote. “Hope is found in the career employees who stand for institutional norms. Now is the time for them to continue to be strong – change will come. We support you.” Holder recently made news by pressing for the impeachment of President Trump under the 25th amendment.

His message was a response to a report by the New York Times entitled “Justice Dept. Rank-and-File Tell of Discontent Over Sessions’s Approach,” compiling information and opinions gathered from “two dozen current and former career department lawyers who worked under Mr. Sessions.”



Anonymous said...

Clean that d..n place out for good.

Anonymous said...

Time that that Civil WAr.

Anonymous said...

Holder has gone off the deep end. Time to 86 his arse.

Anonymous said...

The traditions of the department were fouled by Holder and his predecessor, both coached by Obama. Bringing back the department's pre-Obama traditions, where justice actually ruled, is a challenge.

Anonymous said...

DOJ should have been fumigated after Holder and Lynch left. There have been AGs with notable shortcomings before but the Holder-Lynch regimes hit a new low intentionally, in service to Obama and his puppet masters.

Holder walked the fugitive Marc Rich pardon to Bill Clinton in the waning hours of that sleazy administration; coincidentally Rich's wife made an enormous contribution to the Clinton Foundation. Just a legal bribe. Holder's ethics never climbed back out of the gutter. Fast and Furious. Voter suppression by thugs in Philly. Lois Lerner. Comey. List goes on.

He should be in jail for decades.

Anonymous said...

Robert deniro sent a bomb this am.

Anonymous said...

Holder should be tried for sedition..