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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

One of 1st Female Marine Grunts Faces Separation After Marrying Lance Corporal

One of the first women to become an infantry Marine is facing an other-than-honorable discharge after having a relationship with a subordinate in her new unit.

Cpl. Remedios Cruz, a rifleman with 1st Battalion, 8th Marines, pleaded guilty to fraternization as part of a pre-trial agreement after leaders discovered she'd married a lance corporal with whom she had a romantic relationship, officials confirmed.

A decision about whether Cruz, who was busted down in rank from sergeant, will be separated from the Marine Corps could come in days, said Maj. Jordan Cochran, a spokesman for II Marine Expeditionary Force. Cruz's case was first reported Wednesday by The New York Times.

Cruz was accused of adultery, larceny and fraternization, he said.

She pleaded guilty to fraternization during non-judicial punishment to avoid facing court-martial. She also waived her right to an administrative discharge board as part of the pre-trial agreement, Cochran said.

Cruz could not immediately be reached for comment. She told the Times she was ready to move on from the Marine Corps.

"The biggest mistakes I've made in the infantry were from my personal relationships," she said.



Anonymous said...

While in the Marines. I've seen lieutenants dating PFC's. Nothing happened. I've seen guys get discharged just for looking FAT in uniform. Even though they pass their PFT's with flying colors. So after investing 6 years the Marines decide to discharge this Marine becof her love life?? WOW. But if your a drug dealer on the street. Or just an all round POS come on in?? That's why so many decide to leave. Just another government assistance program.

USMC Retired said...

Just like in our government rules are applied when applicable to the situation. So many times when I was on active duty their was NO consistency with fraternaztion rules of conduct or other issues. Each commanding officer and their cronies pick and choose who will be exempt, their is not a level playing field. If someone is out to get you then they will do everything ethical or unethical to attack you. I seen to many Marines pushed through the ranks with a multitude of misconduct that never gets reported. Just like with our government rules only apply if they are needed.

Anonymous said...

How is she charged with adultery, unless she or her husband were married when they began fraternizing?

Most organizations avoid having a spouse supervise a spouse, or a known paramour.