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Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Krieger: "Stop Complaining And Just Delete Facebook"

I wrote just one post last week and it centered around the dangers posed to society by U.S. tech giants. I specifically called out Facebook, pointing out how company executives are currently groveling to politicians in order to prevent legislation that might deem it a monopoly and curtail its power.

I explained how U.S. politicians prefer to use the power and reach of tech giants for their own ends rather than take them down a notch. Politicians aren’t at all concerned about the outsized influence of centralized tech behemoths engineering society using secret algorithms, they just want to be in control of how this power is abused.

Meanwhile, today’s biggest news is the uniform move by three U.S. tech giants to de-platform Alex Jones and his Infowars website. The main companies involved are Apple, Facebook and Google (via YouTube), as reported in The Guardian:

All but one of the major content platforms have banned the American conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, as the companies raced to act in the wake of Apple’s decision to remove five podcasts by Jones and his Infowars website.

Facebook unpublished four pages run by Jones for “repeated violations of community standards”, the company said on Monday. YouTube terminated Jones’s account over him repeatedly appearing in videos despite being subject to a 90-day ban from the website, and Spotify removed the entirety of one of Jones’s podcasts for “hate content”…

Facebook’s and YouTube’s enforcement action against Jones came hours after Apple removed Jones from its podcast directory. The timing of Facebook’s announcement was unusual, with the company confirming the ban at 3am local time.



Anonymous said...

Their all monitoring your personal information. Google is absolutely hilarious in the way they manipulate your privacy

Anonymous said...

9:06 Exactly, but the stupid people of america, and SBY can't see this and claim we are conspiracy theorists when we speak of such EVIDENCE, and the stupid people don't know what the word EVIDENCE even means yet they claim you have none while the sit on their fat stupid lazy asses doing nothing but letting this crap happen, and then complain about it, when it gets abused as if nothing ever gets abused right?

What is a conspiracy if there are facts, evidence to prove it exists and is real and has happened???? I call that reality, you clowns...

Anonymous said...

Head on over to far, no ads (not many people tho)

Anonymous said...

FaceBook was a replacement for MySpace.

Facebook = MySpace on steroids.

I just hope the millenials grow out of it like they did with MySpace. The ones that worry me are the middle aged people and retired people that are addicted to FaceBook. They have no private lives. As Blacks used to say, they put their "business in the street" for all to see. And then wonder why there are repercussions to their posting on FaceBook. FaceBook is stupid, and a total surrender of your privacy.