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Wednesday, August 08, 2018



Anonymous said...

Love it. How true. All you liberal Democrats that moved down on the Shore, if they can read, needs know Farmers were here before you invaded us, so "read and weep" or "go back across the water and stay". Better yet love the Shore or leave it for good. Quit your complaining about Farmers and our way of life. Remember the Eastern Shore is an island. You have to cross a body of water to get here in all four directions.

Anonymous said...

What makes you think that citizens from across the shore dislike farmers. They don't. Perhaps this farmer was referring to the tariffs that our affecting them negatively. Besides the citizens who move to the Eastern shore to live do so for what it has to offer. Yes, move if it isn't your cup of tea. Don't forget we bring money not like the families who have someone in prison on the Eastern Shore. They move here to be close to the prison. Sign up for welfare and stay. Then it is one reason the taxes are so high. Support your local farmers.