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Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Wicomico Youth & Civic Center introduces new security policies

SALISBURY, Md. – New security policies will take effect this week at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center, including implementation of screenings at the door, bag checks and a new bag size limit.

The new policies will roll out as the WWE SummerSlam Heatwave Tour stops at the venue Friday, Aug. 10.

“The public’s safety is our top priority,” said Kevin Wright, manager of the WY&CC. “The venue implementing metal detectors, hand wands and bag checks prior to entry is an essential part of providing a safe experience for all of our guests.”

Beginning Friday, guests entering the WY&CC are subject to screening for prohibited items. Screenings can include visual inspection, bag search, metal detector screening and pat-down search.

Bags/purses/backpacks larger than 13” x 13” x 13” will not be permitted in the building. For family events, diaper bags will be permitted. All bags will be searched.

In order to allow time for security screenings, guests are asked to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to show time.

For a complete list of WY&CC policies, including a list of prohibited items, visit


Anonymous said...

How did they come up with 13" x 13" x 13" as being the limit?

Anonymous said...

But come as you wish to the Folked Festival.

Anonymous said...

You would have to work there to understand how they come up w/stuff, LOL! Usually made up as they go along.

Anonymous said...

They want to make sure you don't try to bring in any contraband booze. They want the obscene profits from selling overpriced booze. I am done with anything that Civic Center does anymore. Show up 1/2 hour early? How about not at all.

Anonymous said...

They should clean the bathrooms if they are going to do all that too. What has happened to this town ? Everywhere you go it just feels cheap,filthy and rude.
I hope someone got rich destroying the quality of life here otherwise it really was a shame.

Anonymous said...

Like i said before bulldoze it turn it into a multilevel parking garage. For the new indoor outdoor facility in the old mall lot. So they can sell booze and get better venues.