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Wednesday, July 04, 2018

'Insanity': Rising Clean Rivers fee forces some D.C. churches to shut down

Nearly a decade after D.C.’s water authority levied a “Clean Rivers” surcharge to help clean up local waterways, faith community leaders say that ever-rising rates have forced them to cut back on services, lay off staff and — in at least 30 cases — move out or shut down completely.

Churches and other houses of worship, they say, have special operating requirements that add to the surcharge on their water bills.

The Clean Rivers Impervious Area Charge is based on the “impervious area” square footage of a property. The measure includes parking lots, sidewalks and any land that rainwater cannot permeate. Religious properties tend to own more impervious land than typical ratepayers, and even their cemeteries count against them when the tax is calculated.

“It doesn’t make sense. It’s not fair,” said Craig Muckle, manager of public policy for the Archdiocese of Washington. “I look at it as insanity, frankly.”

Mr. Muckle leads a coalition of churches, synagogues and cemeteries called DC RIVER (Religious Institutions Valuing Environmental Responsibility), which is lobbying DC Water and the D.C. Council to reduce the Clean Rivers burden.



Anonymous said...

But the Mosque will not be effected or forced to shutdown, thwy will be an exception made by legislature.

Anonymous said...

Environmentalists control this state that's why there is no growth unlike Delaware.

Anonymous said...

Go Baptise IN the river then.

bob pinto said...

just like O'Malley's rain tax. And where does the collected tax go to?

Anonymous said...

Rain Tax.

Air is next, we just have to think up a nice sounding name for it!

Anonymous said...

The Fresh Air For All fee?

Anonymous said...

AUDIT the records from the beginning of this powerful group...I think you will find the monies are being siphoned off the top. AUDIT NOW.

Anonymous said...

Don't laugh, ideas for taxes are exhausted here in OC. Air is probably the next thing on the list! Eh Rickie?

Anonymous said...

God's plan and all.