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Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Happy 4th of July America



Anonymous said...

Happy 2nd 4th under President Trump.

Good Luck OC with your fireworks this year....hopefully zero snags like last year on the north end!

Also hope the route 50 bridge doesn't break down!!


lmclain said...


Please let us take a moment today to thank you for doing what the media is SUPPOSED to be doing.
God Bless America!

Oh wait. Is that racist???

Anonymous said...

I ran some errands this morning and noticed more American Flags on display than I have seen in awhile. Thank You Mr. President!!

Sand Box John said...

Today we celebrate the 242nd anniversary of the signing of The Declaration of Independence.

To me it seem only like couple years ago we were celebrating the 200th anniversary.

To all you democrat leaning folks out there waving flags, grilling hot dogs and watching fireworks, you are hypocrites. You are hypocrites because you do not want to be independent.


Anonymous said...

I just came from the fireworks display in Salisbury and can only say thank God for the Sheriff's Department. They were present at intersections in the city but otherwise it was a lawless and unpoliced event. People fighting over parking spots and egress to the many unpatrolled roadways. I know SPD has good cops but I'm sure they were all busy with armed robberies, assaults and other crimes that will be hidden from the public. Happy 4th so long as you don't have a long term investment in Salisbury. Barbara Duncan is treading water until her second retirement comes through and Jake Day believes her nonsensical gibberish as though it came from the lying Don Lemon himself. Don't let the "folk" and amphitheatre fool you - Salisbury is almost back to the 1990s when it was called "Crack City" for good reason. #FolkFights #BDunkSucks #CrackCity #DivestNow #FalseBillofGoods